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Disc Jockey Pricing

Please call for price information, 408-679-8522  We always base our fees on the scope of work. This is a service oriented business, unlike buying a product which usually has a set price. We do many different types of events and not all of them involve the same amount of planning, travel, time, equipment and labor. Many combination wedding ceremony and reception events can require several separate sound systems. Therefore, we cannot give a specific quote without knowing what is involved. 

  So the best thing to do is to call me at 408-679-8522 or send me an email with your DAY and EVENING phone number along with your area code and I'll gladly give you a call.

Facts About Disc Jockey Pricing

First ask yourself, how important is your Special Event?

This is the impact the Disc Jockeys services will have on the overall success or failure of your special event.

In post-event surveys, clients stated that the contribution Disc Jockey services made towards the overall success of their special event was 85%! Whether it's a Wedding Reception, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Corporate Event, or a Private Party, its success or failure depends upon the quality of services you receive from your Disc Jockey. These are entertainment driven events. Even though food, photos, and decor are important… It is not the food… It is not the photos… nor is it the decor… that determines the overall success of your event! The DJ entertainer is the difference between, "its just another social gathering I'm obligated to go to" OR, you and your guests taking away magical memories of your celebration that will be etched in your minds for a lifetime.

In the San Francisco Bay Area the average per person cost for a vegetable platter is $8.50 per person. Multiply that times an average event of 150 people and that totals $1225. Is the success of your event worth more than what you would pay for a veggie platter?

Why do most Disc Jockey's charge under $600 for their services?

1. They don't offer all of the services a true professional disc jockey should. This means, limited experience, home stereo equipment, a limited music library, no back-up equipment, little or no advance planning and little or no coordination, which can lead to major problems for a Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, Private Party, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or for that matter, any special event.

2. Most "DJ's" have absolutely no training. They figure if they can play a CD, and they can run what is probably one of the biggest parties/special event you have ever given, or one of the most important days of your life, YOUR WEDDING . Few DJ's realize that the success or failure of your event lies completely in their hands.

3. The DJ industry is full of people who DJ part time for extra money. They focus on their real job during the week and think all they have to do is show up and play some music and they've done their job. Their focus is not on you or your special event, and if they mess up, or at best, give their typical "average DJ" performance, what do they have to lose?

4. Many charge low rates in order to get every job that comes their way, then they may even sub-contract out your event to part timers whose experience and quality may be even worse. There is no consistency of quality you can depend on.

5. The current national average spent on a wedding is $20,000; for the San Francisco Bay area, the average is about $30,000. With the Disc Jockey being responsible for 85% of the success of your reception, doesn't it make sense that a truly professional Disc Jockey, is not only worth more than a veggie platter, but would also charge more? A good DJ is worth more than some carrots and celery.

6. The bottom line is this…If you are paying less than $600 for your Disc Jockey you are taking a mighty big chance that you will get a DJ who is not a true professional, and/or the possibility that your special event will be contracted out to someone who's even less qualified than the person you hired.

7. If your special event is a Wedding Reception, Corporate Event, Private Party, or Bar/Bat Mitzvah your concerns and questions about the DJ you hire, should go far above just the music. It takes training, experience, and expertise, to coordinate & sequence the special events, program & mix the music, and .... entertain your guests. It takes experience to lead your event with just the right finesse. Your investment in entertainment and coordination is the most crucial one in regard to the success of your event. If magical memories are what you are looking for …. hire the best DJ entertainer you can afford.













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